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We provide a Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks during normal use or ordinary wear and tear we will fix or replace the product with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We strongly believe in what we have built. Thanks for joining the LEDEREIGN Community, we have your back.

We use the most Popular and Exclusive Full Grain Leather which is characterised by its luxurious, smooth surface. Full-grain leather is more expensive and more sought-after than any other leather because of its durability and longevity. To know more click here. 

The Ledereign Leather Camera Strap comes with 5 belt loops to adjust as per your body structure. You can easily resize it according to your comfort. The ideal hanging position of the camera mounted on the belt is along the waist. It is to avoid the camera bumping into your thighs while walking.

Each hook has been tested till 150lbs (68kgs). However, it handles far more weight than you will actually hang on to it.

Extraordinarily comfortable, if said in one word. We use specially crafted ‘Zahonero’ Foam for internal cushioning on the straps with both side finishing of leather to keep your shoulders stress free even when you have the weight of Cameras hanging on the Strap. You’ll be amazed by how light you feel during a shoot with the Ledereign Leather Camera Strap.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. In case you do not receive it, please email your Order ID to